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Bitcoin No Deposit Casino 2019

bitcoin no deposit at casino

Unlike your local casino offering free drinks and even free meals, an online casino cannot offer these perks. They have to find other ways of keeping their gamblers happy. They do this through promotions and bonuses. Although a free beer or the taste of a free a chocolate cake is nice, the taste of an online bonus can be just as sweet.

The types of bonuses and promotions on offer with an online casino can be varied. There are traditional types of offers such as matched bets and free spins, and there are newer more unique types of bonuses such as cash-out offers and other in-play benefits.

One offer that is not so new but very much enjoyed is a no deposit bonus. Here, we will discuss the details of a no deposit bonus and why you should be on the lookout for them.

What Is a No Deposit Bonus?

A no deposit bonus does exactly what it sounds like. It offers the player a free benefit at an online casino without the need to first deposit any money. Many online casinos choose to make promotions that are only awarded once the player has made a deposit and/or placed a bet.

This way the casino knows there is a greater chance that they will not lose out. However, a no deposit is a bigger risk for the casino and more convenient to players because it lets them try games and slot machines without having to enter card details and commit to other games first.

These sorts of bonuses are therefore more often awarded to new casino members. They are used as a way to allow players the chance to trial their casino and it would not be as beneficial to offer them to players who are already long-term players at an online casino.

Nevertheless, it is not unheard of that an online casino will offer a no deposit bonus to its existing customers. The bonus itself may be subject to a select number of games only, rather than a free wager on any of the casino’s games.

How Do No Deposit Bonuses Work?

A no deposit bet is usually very straightforward. The player taking advantage of the casino’s promotion will first have to go to the online casino (sometimes via link). Note, even though they do not have to make a deposit, the player may be required to sign up as a member and even add payment details.

These are entered upon signing up in case the player enjoys the casino and wishes to keep playing other games with their own money.

Once signed in to their online casino account, the player will then be awarded their no deposit bonus.

It may be given instantly, or it may be awarded after a set timeframe. They can then use their bonus to play the games specified within the terms and conditions. Some terms may require the player to wager their free bet a certain number of times before being allowed to withdraw their winnings to their bank account. Consult the terms and conditions of the promotion to source this information.

To give you an example, here are some examples of no deposit type promotions:

  • No deposit 100 free spins
  • No deposit £5 free sports bet
  • No deposit £10 free poker chips

No Deposit Bonuses for Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin casinos are slowly but surely popping up, enabling gamblers who are also fans of cryptocurrency to start playing with their digital currencies. As a result, these casinos are now trying to appeal to more members, and they do so just as any other online casino does – they use bonuses and promotions.

Within these promotions, it is common to find no deposit bonuses. The only difference here is that the bonus is a gateway to winning Bitcoins and trying Bitcoin-specific online casino games.

How To Get a No Deposit Bonus?

If you want to get your hands on a no deposit bonus, there is more than one way of doing it. For starters, you could visit online casino websites to see if they are currently running any no deposit bonuses within their promotions.

Other ways of finding the best no deposit bonuses – and ones that may be hidden to regular website visitors – is to read blogs and casino content from influencers, affiliate marketers and more. Many people have contacts within the industry and are offering no deposit bonuses that are afforded with special codes and links. Find these to find your next no deposit bonus.