Visa Debit Card integrates with the Blockchain

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visa and blockchain is proud to announce their new Visa card that allows their customers to make use of their crypto funds for everyday purchases.

This past Thursday, October 27th, the cryptocurrency financial services firm announced the debut of their brand new Visa debit card. Their US-based customers can look forward to making use of this versatile new debit card, and they have plans for branching out to other countries in the coming year. The Firm has seen great enthusiasm with the launch of the card, as there are already over 50,000 people waiting on the sign-up whitelist to get their hands on this exciting new product.

Cryptocurrency debit cards have been a long-awaited product in the world of Fiat currencies. Cryptocurrencies are growing ever more popular, and more and more people are starting to leave their savings in the form of crypto. Introducing a debit card that works on the blockchain is a logical next step for financial services. Major financial services such as Visa are trying to get ahead of the curve as many big retailers are already starting to accept cryptocurrency payments directly from the blockchain without the need for debit or credit cards.

What are the Benefits for Cardholders

As well as the card holders having the opportunity to earn some great crypto rewards, they also have the ability to spend their crypto holdings within their wallet without incurring any additional fees. On top of this, they will also earn 1% back into their crypto wallets wherever the Visa debit card is accepted. This adds great value to an already great product and could be a reason why so many of the clients are lining up to get their hands on this amazing product.

The Visa card leverages visa’s payments network and Marqeta’s modern card-issuing platform by eliminating sign-ups,  card issuance and annual fees.

The Marqeta payment network enables the users of to spend their crypto balances via the new Visa debit card and allows them to settle their transactions in normal fiat currencies. Each of the Visa debit cards will be linked to an online verified wallet that will allow the customers to pay for any physical goods online.

The CEO and co-founder Peter Smith from mentioned that as one of the oldest companies in the crypto industry as well as one of the most trusted platforms, they are very excited to roll out the natural next step in making crypto payments easy for all to use.

This next step will make real-world use cases feasible for cryptocurrencies and brings accessibility to thousands of people who otherwise would not have the ability to use cryptocurrencies for everyday payments.

It is becoming more clear that cryptocurrencies are the next evolutionary step in finance, and those who are making moves to get on board early will surely reap the benefits in the long run.

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