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Bitcoin Free Spins Casino 2019

bitcoin free spins at casino

When a cat sees a rabbit or a mouse, their ears perk up and they are on alert. This is the same behaviour of any serious gambler who realises they are in for a promotion on their favourite online casino.

Online casinos offer a range of different promotions to entice gamers into their new and existing games and to help them have a successful gaming experience. Ultimately, they are a marketing ploy, but they also work in the favour of the gambler.

One of the most exciting promotions is free spins. To give you’re the down-low on free spins, we have packed everything into this concise guide.

What Is a Free Spin Bonus?

Online casino games come in all shapes and sizes. Some require you to play with cards, others with dice. However, there is one group of games that require nothing but the push of the button and a few winning tactics. We are of course talking about slot games and slot machines. These games work by spinning reels and trying to match symbols and win money.

A free spin bonus is the most common type of promotion with these games. It allows gamblers to play their favourite and the most exciting slot games without having to wager any money or credits. Instead, they use the free spins handed over by the online casino to try and win while having a fun time.

How Free Spins Work?

Free spins are usually given to players when they sign up to an online casino or sporadically during their membership. They may be given free spins on a weekly basis or after reaching certain milestones.

Some VIP packages also mean players receive continual free spins on the best games. Not all free spins are accepted on every slot game and casinos may make their free spin bonus only available for a select group of games. The exact rules and regulations concerning any free spin bonus will be decided by the online casino and stipulated within terms and conditions.

It is worthwhile to consult these terms and conditions because they may include important information regarding your free spins. For example, some online casinos may only let you withdraw winnings from free spins after you have waged your winnings a certain number of times.

Thus, giving the casino some chance of recouping some of the money you won from the free spins.

Free Spins for a Bitcoin Casino

Cryptocurrency has slowly started making itself heard in the online gambling industry. Most land-based casinos, including the most famous ones in Vegas, have been reluctant to adopt crypto games because of a lack of regulation. However, this has prompted crypto online casinos to pop up and start running their own online casinos, including the most trusted and popular, Bitcoin casinos.

Bitcoin casinos also offer free spins. The core difference between an online casino offering free spins and a Bitcoin casino offering free spins is as you would think, the latter offers players the chance of winning Bitcoins, or the units of a bitcoin (mBTC). The same terms and conditions may apply in Bitcoin casinos so it will be up to players to work out the rules imposed by each casino.

Different Types of Free Spins

Just because many online casinos offer free spins, does not mean that all free spin bonuses are the same.

In fact, there are different types of free spins that layers can get their hands on. No one type is better than another and the appeal of each free spin bonus usually comes down to preference – and the terms and conditions. Here are the most popular ones.

A no-deposit free spin bonus is exactly what it sounds like. Players can sign up to an online casino and take advantage of a welcome bonus of free spins. Note, a no-deposit free spin bonus is not only afforded to new customers.

Existing players of a casino may also be given this type of free spin bonus. With this bonus, players are usually subject to repeat wagering before they can withdraw but the exact terms will again depend on the casino you are using.

Another type of free spin bonus is a deposit free spin bonus. In these circumstances, players are handed over free spins when they make a deposit into their online casino account.

For example, if you wanted to play a casino game and deposited $20, the casino may also give you ten free spins on a select number of their slot games. These types of bonuses are usually given to new players but can be given to existing players in some situations.

The third type of free spin bonus is a slot-specific bonus. This means the free spins are only to be used on a specific slot machine or slot game. They cannot be used on any game on the online casino.

This means they are more limiting in their use, but if the free spins are on one of the slots you enjoy playing, they are just as exciting to have.

How to Get Free Spins

If you want to find free spins for the best online casinos, one way of finding the best promotions is by visiting their website directly. Here, they will advertise their latest free spin offers and the details of these bonuses. On the other hand, you could always read blogs and gambling content to find promotions that affiliate marketers are offering. Always be careful that you use genuine online casinos with real free spin bonuses.