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Bitcoin Dice Games

tips and tricks about dice games

Finding the best online dice games used to be, well, a roll of the dice, but now you can find them in abundance if you look in the right places. These places are on online casinos that support bitcoin dice games, but before we get to that, let’s take a look back.

Dice Games have always been popular. Ever since those pyramid-building Egyptian folk started playing with ones made from gold and teeth, they have been used for gambling purposes all over the world.

Most people learn how to play dice games from a young age sat around fires with grandparents. This may be a reason why they are so popular – because they ignite fond childhood memories.

Another reason may be because they are so easy to learn, and their respective games are simple to play.

Developments of Dice Games

Over time, dice games have increased in popularity among casinos. This is especially true in Asian markets where many of their cultures’ games include an aspect of dice throwing. Nowadays, the best online casinos offer dice games and some of these do originate from Asia. Some casinos have enabled dice games, i.e. the dice itself, to enhance players’ chances of winning money or to make their own innovative dice games.

The progress that cryptocurrency has made is also another influencer into the development of dice games. Crypto enthusiasts and miners often play variations of dice games known as Bitcoin dice games.

More on Bitcoin Dice Games

Bitcoin Dice Games can be found on purpose-made bitcoin online casinos. There are different ones available and they all have different house edges. Thus, you may wish to do your research before committing to gaming at one Bitcoin casino.

The good news for newbies to these dice games is that there are ways you can get a feel for Bitcoin dice games without having to spend your precious digital currency. As an emerging niche in the gambling world, many gamblers may be cautious when trying them out for the first time.

There are ways you can try them out or see how you would fair without taking a risk. These methods include:

  • Using a free Bitcoin casino site that allows you to play for free without a wager
  • Browsing Bitcoin dice game rulebooks and forums which discuss these dice games
  • Use a dice simulator to calculate how well you would do when playing Bitcoin dice games for real, with real stakes.

Dice Games and fairness have always been a hot topic. Before dices went digital on online casinos, there were already allegations that dice were being manipulated. Your family member may have been one accuser over a game of Monopoly in the past. So, how do Bitcoin dice games fair?

Cryptocurrency is built on a decentralized system and therefore built on pillars of trust and fairness. This would lead you to believe that Bitcoin dice games are fair – and you would be correct.

Bitcoin uses a technology known as a hash function. The overarching aim of this technology enables the casino to guarantee o all players that the result was truly randomised.

The technology here has never been broken and it would therefore be a wild claim to say that Bitcoin dice games are unfair or manipulated.

Just like any casino with multiple variations of the same types of games, Bitcoin dice casinos offer players the chance to experience different types of dice games. The options available are expected to grow as the popularity of crypto in general and these casinos grow.

One of the most favourited Bitcoin Dice Games at current is one called Pirate Dice, which is sometimes called Liar’s Dice. The former name stems from the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean and a quick explanation of the game will explain why. To play this game all players will roll five dice each.

Before rolling, all players bet on how many numbers will be displayed from the dice.

For example, one player might bet that there will be three twos. Every time one player guesses correctly, all the other players will lose a die. The one who remains in the game until the end will be the winner.

Bitcoin Dice Game Promotions and Bonuses

Just like regular online casinos, Bitcoin dice casinos use welcome bonuses and promotions to attract players.

Most of them will offer free Satoshis to new players. For those unaware, a Satoshi is a unit of Bitcoin and there are 100 million of these to every one Bitcoin. Others will offer bonuses that match your initial deposit up to 100%. Dice game casinos often offer 100% deposit bonuses so using one with a less appealing bonus should be avoided without good reason.