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Cashback Bonuses: What You Need to Know

bitcoin casino cashback offers

Isn’t it great when you get something extra to help you with your gambling ventures? Some free spins? Maybe a no-deposit bonus – or how about a cashback bonus? A casino bonus is the best way to put the odds a little bit more in your favour.

Here we will discuss everything you need to know about a cashback bonus, from what they are to where to find them. If you have always wondered how a cashback bonus works or are just hearing about them for the first time, you need to read on.

What Is a Cashback Bonus?

A Cashback Bonus is just one type of bonus frequently on offer at an online casino. The bonus will enable players to earn back a set percentage of the money they have wagered over a specified time period.

This means players get an extra layer of protection while gambling because they know that some of the money that they deposit will work itself back to their account whether they win or lose. Cashback bonuses in a way are a type of safety net and allow you to play more fun games for your money. This is a general overview of a cashback bonus and more details can be found just below.

How Cashback Bonuses Work

Cashback Bonuses are usually on offer to new and existing online casino players. When enrolling into a cashback bonus, you must be aware of four important details. These are:

  • Active dates – the cashback bonus may be active for a few weeks and any bets placed outside of this time period will not be subject to the bonus’s benefits, i.e. you will not receive cashback from bets placed outside this time period.
  • Percentage – you also need to be aware of the percentage of your bets that you will receive back. Will you get 5% of all bets back or will it be 20%?
  • Limits – some cashback bonuses will have a set limit on how much cashback you can receive within the time period. For example, you may get 20% cash returned to your account and if you spend £1000 within the active dates you can expect to receive £200 back. However, there may be a £150 limit on how much you will receive back.
  • Games – a final consideration should be the games that the cashback bonus is applicable to. Some cashback promotions can be used on the whole casino while others are only applicable to select games.

Due to these four things, it is always recommended to look at the terms and conditions of the cashback bonus you are using to seek clarity. Read these before starting to gamble to avoid disappointment.

Cashback Bonuses at a Casino

Most cashback bonuses are on offer at the best online casinos. However, many land-based casinos have also started offering cashback bonuses too. This is done through membership cards and technology used at chip exchanges inside the casino.

The principles are the same and it is always best to speak to the casino’s customer service representatives if you need more information on their cashback bonuses.

Cashback Bonuses at a Bitcoin Casino

Due to the popularity of cryptocurrency, more people are starting to use their digital currency to gamble. Unfortunately, many online casinos have yet to adopt crypto as a form of payment because of a lack of government regulation. This means more crypto-only casinos have been developed including the popular Bitcoin casinos.

These casinos also need to attract new players and keep their existing ones happy. They do this in the same way as other online casinos by offering promotions and bonuses. It is no surprise then that they also offer cashback bonuses. Their cashback promotions usually work in the exact same way, apart from players receive a percentage of their Bitcoins back rather than fiat currencies.

How to Get a Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses are available directly at an online casino, Bitcoin casino or a casino in your local city. Their websites will usually provide information on their current promotions and links to the terms and conditions of their cashback bonuses.

However, some people find exclusive cashback bonuses through affiliate websites, marketers, influencers and those who post gambling content such as tipster sites and more. Check out all of these locations to find the best cashback bonuses for the casinos and games you love. Good luck!